Using QiJACK

Using QiJACK2019-05-13T23:40:17-05:00

In case you’re wondering WHERE to use QiJACK or HOW to use QiJACK, we’ve got answers. It’s an input or output jack (depending on usage) for your quarter-inch plugs. That’s simple enough. But unlike the most common 60-year old jack design you may be used to, QiJACK takes the whole idea to a completely different level. Here are some questions we think you might ask along with our answers. Got questions of your own? No problem, just contact us.

Where might QiJACK be used?2019-05-03T10:07:39-05:00

QiJACK can be used in a variety of circumstances such as:

  • Electric guitars, basses and other electric stringed instruments
  • Amplifiers and speaker cabinets
  • Pro Audio equipment
  • And more…
How might QiJACK be used?2019-05-22T23:09:49-05:00

QiJACK is typically used for:

  • Retrofitting existing instruments, amps, speakers, and any other application where a quarter-inch input/output jack is used.
  • OEM applications for new products that require (or desire) the highest quality connection and the best possible sound.
How do you retrofit an existing instrument?2019-05-22T23:10:04-05:00

QiJACK installs easily. Below is a video demonstration:

Need more help? Just contact us.

Are there quantity discounts for QiJACK?2019-05-22T23:10:18-05:00

YES. We offer Quantity (Bulk) Pricing where individual packaging is not needed. You can save big and get free shipping on top of that. Just click on the “Quantity (Bulk) Pricing” tab on the product page. When you order 2 or more QiJACKs of the same model, you’ll automatically receive the Bulk Pricing and your order will be shipped as such. Need something different, just contact us.

How can I get OEM information?2019-05-22T23:11:25-05:00

We’d be happy to discuss your OEM applications. All you need to do is contact us here.

How long have you been in business?2019-05-03T10:37:19-05:00

Analysis Plus was founded in 1992 as a scientific research, analysis and design company. Since then we’ve engineered the standard for musicians, audiophiles and NASA.

Where do I get information about Analysis Plus Cables?2019-05-03T10:37:04-05:00

That’s a great question! Visit our main website at